P series front end, disk brake parts from a Stella

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P series front end, disk brake parts from a Stella

Postby dcunited4life » Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:50 am

I finished (almost) swapping a Stella front end into my P last night. As such, I have a what amounts to essentially an entire P series drum brake front end available for sale/trade. What is not included is the fender and the clutch lever. Things that are included are as follows:

16mm fork
drum brake
P series headset lower, throttle and gear tube
front brake lever and cable

all of this is assembled as I took it out as one unit. Obviously I had to remove the headset lower to remove the fork but you get the idea it's generally intact. No rim or tire is included nor a FENDER. none of the internals for the headset are included i.e.- those little cable guides and such, I reused them to make the disk setup work. SO, if someone wrecked and bent their fork and needs a new one or has a project going on that needs a front end this is for sale/trade on the cheap. I'd trade for P series parts, or I really need a bench grinder for polishing parts so if you got an old one laying around which isn't shot to shit I'd take that.

Finally, if you are looking to do a Disk conversion yourself I have some leftover parts I acquired from a Stella which can get you on your way. They are also for sale/trade and include Front disk/hub and a front swingarm but that's it. You'll have to source a headset lower and fork as well as the caliper and carrier yourself. Let me know what your got or cash.

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