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NSR FS hey crafty people

Postby 12CI » Mon Mar 31, 2014 3:30 pm

I have a Seal 210 "Commercial" dry mount press that really needs to find a new home. Use it for mounting photos, laminating, t-shirt transfers...whatever.
Includes several boxes of "Fusion 4000" tissue.

B&H lists the newest version @ $1800.00 plus shipping (to DC thats another $60.00!). A quick search of ebay shows several of these having sold recently at prices from ~ $400. to $600.00 plus shipping. I'm thinking around $500.00 but open to suggestions; if the deal is right, and depending on your location, I may be able to deliver. Otherwise, you'll need to pick it up; I have no way to ship an item this large and heavy.

Let's talk.



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