Passed a rider down

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Passed a rider down

Postby normratscoots » Fri Sep 12, 2014 7:58 pm

Came across a rider down on my ride home tonight. Guy on a GSX-R, with a back protector, full-face helmet, shorts, t-shirt, sneakers. Rt. 1 and Paint Branch Parkway/Campus Drive, across from the UMD gates, on the northbound side. Looked like he tried to use a right turning lane to get around backed up traffic and when pulling back into the northbound lane came face with left-turning southbound traffic resulting in a swerve and low side (making that up based on observation). Bike was partially under an SUV, but it looked like the impact was minimal. Rider was sitting up, being treated by paramedics (fire station 500 feet away), when I passed. Looked like road road rash, and they seemed to be checking for concussion. Two miles earlier, back down the road, he had passed me and other traffic entering the Hyattsville shopping district at a high rate of speed, exploiting a merge lane to pass the back up. I'm in no way against traffic-exploitative motorcycle/scooter riding, but please do it carefully at controlled speeds, friends, particularly in rush hour.
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