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Deposit negative comments here...

Postby icehouse » Sat Jul 11, 2009 9:25 am

Now this is some shit worthy of whatever you can come up with... Motorcycle BS since it's not step-through..



Not only is this shit real but the thing is a wack death trap.. The front and rear wheel sets do not independently articulate! repete do not independently articulate!

The wackness, no?

So this is in effect a (non-countersteering) tiny go kart with a super narrow stance and a high center of gravity??

Watch the video in this ebay auction, turn sound off... ... 711wt_1195

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Postby SaltyDog » Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:00 am

Yeah I looked at the video and looked like the rider almost lost it a couple of times making turns, had to put his foot down, etc. This appears to be a cheap chinese ripoff of the Dodge Tomahawk,
a 2003 four wheel concept motorcycle which has a viper engine, and is supposedly able to go zero to 60 in 2.5 seconds and a top speed of 400MPH. ... 6476459286 ... index.html

Personally, I like the Tesseract better. Looks more like a transformer. ... oncept.htm

not that we'll ever see any of those actually produced...

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Re: Deposit negative comments here...

Postby spoffy » Sun Jul 12, 2009 6:45 pm

icehouse wrote:Image

what-the--? is it made of legos?
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Postby BoomieMCT » Sun Jul 12, 2009 8:41 pm

No words for the HATE. I tried to find the company that makes that, or any info other then the youtube video, and I couldn't. Run far, run fast.

That Tessaract looks interesting though. Kind of looks like the wearable motorcycle concept.

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Postby AirborneVespa » Sun Jul 12, 2009 9:30 pm

If they can't handle this, I have no interest:


byelaya smert

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Postby icehouse » Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:08 am

Main thing is it doesn't look like it leans?? So you are going 30-40mph down the road and "turn" to avoid something... What happens? Which way do you press the bars to initiate such a turn?... So so odd. 3 wheelers were banned years ago and they would be eons safer over this thing..

Airborne. I watched the GP twice at Laguna, corkscrew is rad, plus back then you could get a lot closer to the track. I remember the barriers on the right being real close to the track edge... And the bikes were 2-stroke.... Rainey days..

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