Swing Arm stabilizers

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Swing Arm stabilizers

Postby dcunited4life » Thu Jun 28, 2012 10:01 am

So I saw on Hot Rod Al's page these swing arm stabilizers. Looks like a good idea and I've done similar chassis stiffening procedures to my cage with decent results to the handling (larger sway bar, urethane bushings). My thoughts are, could someone use large washers on the inside of the frame as a substitute to these specialized products when reinstalling the motor as maybe a half measure to stiffen up the rear? Just curious on thoughts on this.



Swing Arm Stabilizers

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Re: Swing Arm stabilizers

Postby Mikeh » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:17 am

I have them on my TX. They are OK, but yes steel washers can also work. Just be careful that they don't bind or pinch the swing arm when the engine mount bolt is tightened. I beleive that AL sends a Nyloc nut for the swingarm bolt with his kit for this reason.. so that you don't need to torque the crap out of the nut over the lockwasher to keep the nut from loosening - with the nylock you use a washer but not a lock washer.

You will notice more vibrations in the scooter with these installed also, but there will be less flex in when you corner. And you will never get rid of all the flex unless you weld supports from the gas tank area to the legshield and/or weld round stock in the groove on the outside edge of the legshield and floorboards. I have seen this done and it's pretty neat.. never done this myself.

I think the essence of a vespa is that it flexes though. so if you try to get rid of this then you may be better off with a lambretta or motorcycle. I suggest you embrace the flex and enjoy it's pressence.. so the frame flexes.. big deal.. it's not like a vespa is so fast that you will loose control.. you need to be going super fast for the flex to be an issue (speeds over 80mph)

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Re: Swing Arm stabilizers

Postby porter » Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:32 am

I have these stabilizers as well and I like them alot.
I am not sure how much customizing you would have to do to a few washers, but from memory, the stabilizers have a perfect inner and outer fit to the diameters of the swing arm bolt and the engine's bushing size. By the time you screw around with the diameters, and then get the thickness correct, you might as well have bought them from Al, they are made for the application.
Stiff? Yes. Vibration increase? Yes, right up through the headset. Handling and solid feel? Yeah, for sure. The scooter seems more unified, esp. over bumps while turning. It makes the scooter less wiggley.

On mine, they were a real hassle to install because of the tight fit from the frame to the engine's swingarm, there was very little room. I pried them in with a long screwdriver, scraping the paint in the process. But, they tightend up good and haven't budged.

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Re: Swing Arm stabilizers

Postby Zeets » Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:18 pm

I'd argue the P chassis is more rigid than a lammy chassis owing to its uni-body construction. My lambretta always felt less rigid than a P. The centered engine, longer swing-arm length and lower center of gravity of the Lammy seems to make for a better handling bike, but I think he vespa chassis is a superior design. Plus the P has a front shock, which my Li lacked, and was noticed and missed.

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