OT: HVAC system or just a relay?

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OT: HVAC system or just a relay?

Postby LWP » Fri Aug 31, 2012 4:07 pm

This is completely off-topic, but seems worth a mention since it's a DIY crowd.

Two HVAC service/sales people came to my house, spent a combined 5 hours inspecting my frozen-up-and-not-blowing HVAC system, and then each recommended I get a completely new system after unsuccessful attempts to introduce new freon into my lines seemed to indicate everything was broken.

After desperate googling, I found there's a relay called a "contactor" that sits in the compressor unit, which can get stuck due to arcing or corroding or both, which can cause the compressor to never turn off (or on), and create a frozen-line situation which then leads to a ton of other performance issues.

So I flipped the breakers and gave this little mechanical relay's plunger a couple blasts of compressed air and WD-40, then a few whacks with the back end of my screwdriver, a few scrapes with the business end. Flipped the breakers back on and the system was working fine again after about 10 minutes of not-very-hard work.

So if your HVAC compressor quits running or won't quit running, try cleaning the contactor before calling the contractor.
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