electrickery and the 12v dc conversion

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electrickery and the 12v dc conversion

Postby porter » Fri Sep 07, 2012 9:19 am

Chatting about electricity and DC versus AC the other night caused bad karma that killed my scooter. That was just a bad conincidence, but, I wanted to post a few links to the pages where I had read all about the latest and greatest methods for wiring up scooters with stable electrical systems.

For use either Vespa or Lambretta, the priciple remains the same. All power comes from the stator, through the regulator, to the battery, then on to the rest of the scooter. Full DC, so blinkers are fine, LED remain solid, bright lights at idle, charges your battery, you can run a spot light, or a gps, or charge your phone off of a cig socket lighter. DC horn works fully at idle.
If the fuse blows, or battery dies for some reason, the motor can still power the lights, IF it is wired in the manner to allow that to happen.
The battery receives a charge at low rpm.

Links: 12 volt conversions to full DC systems:
Magazine article with good explanation-

18 page thread on scooterotica

LCGB thread, pictures and explanation:

Purchase -
POD-1P, single phase $50. You can find them cheaper.

If you are lazy or want someone else to do it for you-
here is a pre-wired lambretta stator:

From the responses in the threads, you can see the number of people who have praised it.

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Re: electrickery and the 12v dc conversion

Postby hurleybt » Fri Sep 07, 2012 12:29 pm

Looks great. When the Lambretta electronic kits came out in the late 90's it was all about AC, no batteries, so nice to see some options with them. The conversion from AC/DC to 100% DC for P series looks nice for bright lights all around.

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