New Shoes

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Re: New Shoes

Postby dirtyhandslopez » Thu May 15, 2014 2:58 pm

Dammit, I wish stuff would break down more often so I could fix it :wink:
The only streaks worth complaining about are ones that are fully clothed :)
Good luck with the job.
That's not going anywhere

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Re: New Shoes

Postby normratscoots » Fri May 16, 2014 2:00 pm

dirtyhandslopez wrote: If you don't care to lean scooter onto panel, you can remove front wheel and the scoot will pivot on the stand, bringing the back wheel up in the air to get the hub off, after you have undone the nut. Then throw a small piece of wood under the engine case to hold the back wheel up to do the work.
The balance point of the stand makes the scoot pretty light on the back end, so you could probably do it with no one else around if need be.
Just make sure the scoot cannot roll foward when you tilt it or the stand will fold up and the scoot will go down.

This is a pro tip I will remember. Thanks.
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Re: New Shoes

Postby Mikeh » Tue May 20, 2014 3:35 pm

Here are some torque values, I printed this and posted it on my garage wall;

Standard Settings

5mm bolt or nut: 3.5-4.5 ft/lbs
6mm bolt or nut: 6-9 ft/lbs
7mm bolt or nut: 12-14.5 ft/lbs
8mm bolt or nut: 13-18 ft/lbs
10mm bolt or nut: 22-29 ft/lbs
12mm bolt or nut: 36-43 ft/lbs

5mm screw: 2.5-3.6 ft/lbs
6mm screw: 5-8 ft/lbs

6mm flange bolt: 7-10 ft/lbs
8mm flange bolt: 17-22 ft/lbs
10mm flange bolt: 22-29 ft/lbs

Stator Screws: 2.17-2.89 ft/lbs
Kickstart Lever Nut: 16.64-18.81 ft/lbs
Coil Pickup mounting screws: 1.45-1.81 ft/lbs
Clutch Center Nut: 28.93-32.55 ft/lbs
Input Shaft Nut: 21.70-25.32 ft/lbs
Flywheel Rotor Nut:43.40-47.0t ft/lbs
Carb Sleeve Nuts: 11.57-14.47 ft/lbs
Clutch Cover Bolts: 4.34-5.79 ft/lbs
Cylinder Head Nuts: 12.30-15.91 ft/lbs
Exhaust Pipe Stub: 54.25-57.86 ft/lbs

Suspension unit mounting plate nuts: 14.5-19.5'ft/lbs
Suspension unit to mounting plate nut: 21.7-28.9 ft/lbs
Suspension unit lower mounting nuts: 14.5-19.5 ft/lbs
Steering head adjuster (preload): 4.34-5.06 ft/lbs
Steering head locknut: 36.2•43.4 ft/lbs
Handlebar pinch bolt: 21.7-28.9 ft/lbs
Rear suspension unit lower mounting bolt: 9.4-16.6 ft/lbs
Engine unit pivot unit:,44.1-54.3 ft/lbs.
Front wheel hub nut: 43.4-72.3 ft/lbs
Rear wheel hub nut: 54.3-65.1 ft/lbs
Wheel mounting nuts: 14.5-19.5 ft/lbs

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Re: New Shoes

Postby jenny » Wed May 21, 2014 9:49 am

thanks, mike.
gimme that step-thru, yeah, cuz i need that.

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