HP 1055 is crap, don't buy it!

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HP 1055 is crap, don't buy it!

Postby epsato » Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:52 pm

I bought an HP 1055 printer not long ago. "oooh, only $25 on sale". Not even worth it at that price! The ink cartridges only printed maybe 50 photos before running out of ink (it says "prints about 200 pages" on the package). Ink replaced, the printer ate through 10 sheets of canvas (that stuff's expensive too) jamming up literally every time.

HP won't respond to complaints on their facebook page, they won't take calls on their customer support line and don't include information on where to ship this worthless garbage for warranty service.

Total garbage and the company's a joke. How is this company so successful when they suck so bad?

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