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Insurance and Other.

Postby Zeets » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:10 pm

So at Charm City Mods Rockers this weekend (Big congratulations to pin up/ mod lady Andria, making us proud!) The guy from Rider Insurance gave me a quote for insurance. It is $174.00 per year for my DRZ it is full coverage, with roadside assistance, $100k limits, accessory coverage and $500 deductable . I'm currently paying around $330 a year with Allstate with similar coverage. That seems reasonable, but this is a huge difference.

Do any of you have any experience with Rider? It's my understanding they've only been in Maryland for two years.

On a side note... My coworker wrecked his new Versyes this weekend. He's a new rider that got his license through the MSF last year and just recently started riding. Anyway. He was at work today, due to gear. He drifted outside of a left sweeping corner and went on the soft shoulder, he wasn't paying attention. He tried to correct, hit the edge of the pavement, his front tire deflected and he hit the edge of a rock cliff on his right. Came to an instant stop, and the bike stayed nearly upright. His full-face Scorpion helmet was nearly destroyed, his jacket, pants, and bike sustained nearly no damage. He'll need about $600 of parts to fix the bike, but rode it the remainder of the weekend. He said he found a handful of gravel in his underware. He's missing 1/2 hour of his memory, started remembering things while talking to the emt. He was wearing a Joe Rocket jacket, jeans, boots and full fingered gloves, has a tiny amount of rash on his side and back.

Just saying, wear your gear.

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