Scoot-A-Que Gang Outfits

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Scoot-A-Que Gang Outfits

Postby epsato » Wed Sep 14, 2011 11:48 am

For those who are going to Scoot-a-que, the Cutters are doing their main event Saturday night. That's when they're asking all the "gangs" to show up with their gang colors on.

Since my "Canadian Tuxedo" idea didn't exactly win people over, Sharon and I were discussing gang outfits for Saturday night's big event and came up with a tentative outfit and colors:

The theme's based on the DC flag and would homage the Baseball Furies.

White face paint, with two red lines on a cheek and a red star over the eye.

This keeps in theme with the DC flag AND is relevant to the Warriors movie because it'll make us look like a scooter version of the "Baseball furies."


For those who want to do the full theme: I've got a "gang kit" available for $15 each (that's at cost). The kit includes the following: Turnbull DCs t-shirt (men AND women's sizes are now available), Turnbull DCs magnet (for the scooter) and Turnbull DCs backpatch (can be sewed or pinned on any jacket).

Shirts are available in both Men's and Women's sizes. Mens are L and Xl, for women I'll have S, M ,and L female cut t shirts.

For those wearing jackets, the patches on the back of your jackets would be ideal.

Pants wise, it's looking like jeans. In theory we could do white pants, but does anyone have white pants?


If you don't want to or can not pay the $15 for a "gang kit", i have "iron on patches" available for free. You'd have to iron it onto a white t-shirt yourself, and I've only got 4 of these available.

Sold separately, the magnets are $5 each.


The "gang kit" includes a magnet for your legshield. Proper scooter club legshield badges are to be respected, so if you are a member of a scooter club already, the "gang" logo would go below your club's badge.

For those who don't want a t-shirt, I can sell the magnets individually for $5 each. But "gang kit" purchasers get first dibs at the magnets.

Please post comments and questions below. Also, are folks okay with paying $15 for the "gang kits"?

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