Not Summit Point, October 7-9

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Re: Not Summit Point, October 7-9

Postby epsato » Mon Oct 10, 2011 9:24 pm

Great DC turnout. Even ENGLISH SAM came out for the day! Locals included almost all of NOS, solid WMASA #s, Sicks en masse (sans Colin, we're missing you already Mr. Triple Nickle), and another, different, Turnbull DCs run with 8 scooterists from the DC area.

Speaking of which, there was talk of doing turnbull DCs for real, though as a name for the DC crew whenever we're all at a rally and not as an actual club per se. I'm looking into correcting the logo grammar and will issue new patches (free) to anyone who wants in. DC/MD/NOVA all welcome.

Anyway, back to the rally: Friggin' twist and go pinata, Leili and Ronnie hooked up A serious candy buzz with sugar rush goodies. Great food served and Stefan gave a live hooch making demonstration. I heard talk of green goblins from Absinthe, but passed out too early.

This year featured more dogs than before, but they were a great fit. Georgia in particular seemed to fit right in.

The weather gods smiled on us, though it was FYBO cold in the AM. The swap meet's lost some luster, but I still got some needed parts at a good price. 2-3 scooters got sold so there was still swapping, just nothing like that year POC Phil brought 3 running scooters at $600-800 per...

I love this rally. My wife's leaving me solo with the baby on Indian Summer weekend, so NSP closes out my 2011 season on a high note. It's also worth noting this was Airborne's East Coast rally sendoff, which in itself was bittersweet. Plenty of campfire smacktalk and humor, it's just not going to be the same out here without you dude.

A few of your faces weren't there, but I hope to see you around Xmas time or at the next open meet up.

Overall, an amazing time. ECC's still on, right?

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Re: Not Summit Point, October 7-9

Postby robsterling » Tue Oct 11, 2011 11:31 pm

I really enjoyed it - Soul Survivors ran a great rally.

We had a little adventure on the way back to Richmond but it's all OK.

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