$40 gps tracking for your scooter

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$40 gps tracking for your scooter

Postby rsthunder » Mon Jan 07, 2008 7:25 pm

hi all
i have this on my scooter and i thought people might be interested.
basically the way it goes is.
1.buy pay as you go boost phone i425 from best buy or other place $39.99 comes with $5.00 credit.
2.open mologogo account http://www.mologogo.com/waypoints/list/84027
3.download simple version java app
4.upload it to your phone and run it.
5.you are now tracking your phone on google map (NO WEB SERVICE NEEDED).
now you can hard wire the charger(charger extra $9.00) to the bike like i did and hide the phone on the scoot ...or not its up to you.
its not full proof and does take some tweaking and rebooting the phone every few days, but for $40 bucks with no monthly... i carnt complain.
and its pay as you go so thats it.
so steal my scooter i dare you.. :twisted:

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