3 Stolen Scooters Recovered

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3 Stolen Scooters Recovered

Postby mischa » Thu May 28, 2009 2:12 pm

On 5/27/09, the Fifth District Auto Theft Unit recovered three scooters throughout the Fifth District. All three scooters exhibited signs of being stolen (namely the tell-tale sign of no keys/busted ignition). In addition, all three operators gave weak stories on how they came in possession of the scooters (one admitted to finding it in an alley).

The problem...they are not reported stolen (if your scooter gets stolen, please follow-up to make sure it is in the system as stolen).

The scooters are:

Yellow (the front headlight and handlebar piece were painted a metallic green)
Recovered in PSA 505.

Honda Metropolitan
Red and White
Recovered in PSA 502.

Sunny Scooter
Green and Black
Recovered in PSA 501.

Please pass this around to your neighbors so we can return the scooters and charge the operators accordingly.
Contact Officer Bagshaw at (202) 698 0173 or at jason.bagshaw@ dc.gov

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