Yellow Chinese 50cc - Cleveland Park

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Yellow Chinese 50cc - Cleveland Park

Postby kahnowerh » Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:41 am

My friend just called me all broken up because she just watched her scooter get scooter-napped.

She was walking home and was a block away and saw "a bunch of guys moving really fast" and they apparently loaded it into a rental van ("need a van?" on the back, she also thinks she saw "1995" on the side of it) and were off.
She thinks it was 2 guys, "smallish," wearing baseball caps and t-shirts.

From what I remember, it looks a lot like this one:

It's listed as "Geely jl50qt-x1" on her receipt, and I'm pretty sure it has a sticker with that model number on it on the rear sides.

She called the police and filed a report.
It didn't work (she had called me to come fix it a couple days ago) so I'm hoping that they'll just toss it out of the van when they figure that out.

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