Vespa PX stolent on 7-29-13 from 1100 Block of M street NW

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Vespa PX stolent on 7-29-13 from 1100 Block of M street NW

Postby epsato » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:42 am

Okay folks, if anyone sees a green PX for sale, that beach is mine!

My scooter was stolen on July 29 between the hours of 8 PM and 6 AM on July 30.

Identifying stuff: It's a green PX. Literally (and I mean Literally in the real sense) it's the ONLY green PX in DC. There's a guy who owns a Mint green stella, but this is the ONLY Mint Green PX 150 in DC.

It's got a chrome glovebox with stereo speakers, a "Turnbull DCs" patch stuck on the legshield (it covers what looks like a bullet hole), a few Turnbulls magnets, and the right hand side cowl has a "My other ride is tedford" sticker.

I had no plate on the scooter, as it'd fallen off a few weeks ago.

There were two posts on the back, one with a puerto rican flag.

If you see this scooter for sale, in an alley, or under the behind of some jerkface, PLEASE call me asap at 202 422 0345.

I've filed a report with the police and with the insurance company, so DO NOT attempt to ride it back or buy it from the thief. I've been instructed to call 911 to have the cops come and arrest the culprit if at all possible.



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